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Recent News


Community-based Early Warning System

  Equipping farming communities to mitigate effects of natural disasters Community-based Early Warning System being developed  The Community-based Early Warning System is being developed to help communities respond promptly to natural disasters,Read More...
By : Keeran Danny | Apr 4, 2017

Irish Potato Trials

NAREI, PROPEL take Irish Potato trials to Santa Fe, Little BiabooT Training being conducted at Santa Fe Five different varieties of Irish potatoes will be cultivated on trial at Santa Fe MegaRead More...
By : Keeran Danny | Jan 31, 2017

The use of inocula

An Opportunity for Legume Farmers to Reduce Urea Fertilizers in Cultivations In Guyana, legumes are consumed on a daily basis. Bora, black-eye, red-peas, pigeon peas and beans appear on Guyanese plates everyRead More...
By : Keeran Danny | Nov 8, 2016

Woodley Park Farmers’ Group adapts climate-smart practices

Woodley Park Farmers’ Group adapts climate-smart practices   Residential yards converted into small farms producing cash crops such as eschalot, celery, and peppers is a common sight in many West Coast Berbice,Read More...
By : Keeran Danny | Oct 25, 2016

Mangroves Restoration

   Revival of mangrove forest at Better Hope underway   Approximately, 12,000 black mangrove seedlings are being planted along Better Hope, East Coast Demerara foreshore. The planting exercise, which aims to regenerate 450mRead More...
By : Keeran Danny | Aug 23, 2016

Peanuts production

  St. Denys using peanuts to transform village economy Farming is one of the main economic activities in St. Denys, an Amerindian community situated in Region Two. For years, the community hasRead More...
By : Keeran Danny | Aug 3, 2016

Growth of non-traditional crop sector

  Non-traditional crop sector projected to grow by 5%   In spite of the lucrative extractive sector, agriculture remains the main economic  activity and provides employment for the majority of people in Guyana.Read More...
By : Keeran Danny | Jul 21, 2016


    Vermicomposting: promoting healthy plant growth   The indiscriminate application of various inorganic fertilizers has triggered many soil, water and health issues around the world. Due to the extent of these concerns,Read More...
By : Keeran Danny | Jul 14, 2016


  Hydroponics: improved technology, less labour Farming does not have to be backbreaking, dirty and boring. The utilization of technology could make farming a thought-provoking and financially rewarding venture. In fact, technologicalRead More...
By : Keeran Danny | Jul 7, 2016

Sweet potato production sweetened

–through collaboration with US university, NAREI, UG SWEET potato production in Guyana will be enhanced, thanks to collaboration between the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB), Partners of America (Local Chapter),Read More...
By : NAREI | Jun 17, 2016