Who we are

The National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) was established following the assent of the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute Act 2010 in March 2011. Its creation expanded the services offered by the then National Agricultural Research Institute, which was formed in 1984.

NAREI is promoting greater efficiency in the crops and agricultural product industry; providing enhanced services in Agricultural Research and Extension and Crop Protection; and allowing effective administration and regulation of trade, commerce and export of crops and agricultural products.


To ensure food security and the empowerment of farming communities and to enhance their livelihoods through improved and environmentally friendly technologies


To become a centre of prominence in agricultural research and development through appropriate technology development and dissemination; commercialization of research results; and achieve support services excellence to support the development of a competitive agricultural sector in Guyana.

Mission Statement

To advise, develop and transfer appropriate systems to promote balanced, diversified and sustained agricultural production through adaptive and investigative research using market-driven approach and a range of regulatory services to the sector.


  1. Advise on and develop appropriate systems to promote balanced, diversified and sustained agricultural development and optimize agricultural production through adaptive and investigative research;
  1. Facilitate the use of improved production technology by and establish adequate feedback systems from agricultural producers in order to achieve and maintain national self-sufficiency and export capacities in food and fibre;
  1. Provide adequate phytosanitary and crop protection services to farmers, exporters and the general public;
  1. Provide adequate quarantine services to enable the exportation and importation of plant and plant products and other regulated articles, to reduce the risk of the introduction and spread of exotic plant pests;
  1. Deliver quality extension services to farmers, providing advice on the transfer of technology acquired during research operation;
  1. Provide and have farmers access approved genetic materials to be used in upgrading agricultural products based on market demands and consumer preferences;
  1. Regulate the importation and exportation of genetic material for agricultural cultivation and development, including live plants, tissue cultures, seeds and other material;
  1. Assist farmers to develop cost effective and sustainable agricultural production systems through the use of appropriate and market driven
  1. Regulate the viewing of crops and post-harvest handling and care of agricultural produce including agro-processing according to acceptable international standards;
  1. Ensure compliance with the World Trade Organization Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and the full implementation of the International Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of the International Plant Protection Convention by authorizing the Crop Protection Programme Advisory Committee to discharge such functions and perform such duties;

Board of Directors

  •        Dr. Patrick Chesney – Chairman
  • Dr. Oudho Homenauth – Ex- officio Member
  • Mr. Omadatt Terrence Chandan- Secretary
  • Mr. George Jervis – Member
  • Dr. T. M. Velloza – Member
  • Dr. Mahendra Persaud – Member
  • Mr. Brian Greenidge – Member
  • Mr. Wilmott Garnett – Member
  • Mr. Gavin Ramnarine – Member
  • Mr. Cecil Seepersaud – Member
  • Ms. Holly Greaves – Member
  • Mr. Ricky Roopchand – Member