What is the Bioenergy Department about?

The Department of Bioenergy was established in 2013 with the aim of expanding bioenergy opportunities in Guyana to advance sustainable development. Our country is on a quest to realize and utilize clean cheaper sources of energy.

An Agro-energy Biofuel Policy has been drafted and serves as a benchmark for the development of a bioenergy industry. This policy accentuates the development of an agro-energy sector through intense research, training and investment. The policy is used as a guide for its projects and activities with the emphasis being on environmentally safe, economically feasible and socially acceptable sources of energy.

What are our objectives?

  • To conduct research on new solutions and technologies for low emission fuels based on biomaterials.
  • To develop affordable, reliable and environmentally acceptable sources of energy in Guyana.
  • To explore and maximize the use of renewable energy sources in Guyana.
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the dependence on fossil fuels.

 What are some of our projects?

  • Comprehensive study of anaerobic digestion of vinasse (possibility of producing methane gas);
  • A Comparative study of the mitigating impacts of bioenergy on climate change in the Guyana context;
  • An assessment of the potential use of wind energy for supplying power for crop irrigation systems.

How can this department help you?

Consultation is available to farmers on the design and set up of biogas digesters, solar panels and wind turbines.