What is the Crop Development and Support Services (CDSS) Department about?

The Crop Development and Support Services (CDSS) Department focuses on agricultural expansion, diversification and business orientation to agriculture and farming in Guyana.

Extension personnel provide Researchers with information about challenges experienced by farmers. In the absence of immediate available solutions, the Researchers conduct research programmes both at research stations and on-farm with farmers.

To address diversification, CDSS provides technical assistance in terms of farm planning, pest and disease control as well as information about the value chain of the crop to complement the grants and assistance that are provided by the Agriculture Sector Development Unit.

CDSS’ capacity is strengthened through training and farmers’ exchange programmes.

This Department is divided into four sections:

  1. Coastal Extension Services
  2. Hinterland Extension Services
  3. Training
  4. Nurseries

What are our objectives?

  1. To transfer new farming technologies to farmers, which benefit the OTHER CROPS sector across Guyana;
  2. Production of quality orchard seedlings for sale to the farming communities in Guyana.

What are some of the services offered?

Here are some of the things our department does:

  • Farmers Field School
  • Demonstration Plots
  • Farmers Training
  • Farm visit
  • Exhibition
  • Farmers Clinics
  • Outreach Programs
  • Rendering technical advice to Schools, and other institutions
  • Budding and Grafting of orchard crop
  • Farm data collection.

What are some of field projects?

  1. Balck Sigatoka Disease DEMO plots across Guyana.
  2. Production of citrus with chicken manure.
  3. Plastic mulching on white sand.
  4. Bora production using inoculum.

How can this department help you?

  • You can get prompt and reliable technical advice on crop production.
  • On farm soil and water sampling free of cost.
  • Advice and guidance on crop loss due to adverse climate condition.
  • On farm diagnostic of pest and diseases, with immediate recommendation.
  • Issuing of Filter press permits.