What is the National Plant Protection Organization about?

The National Plant Protection Organization is tasked with protecting Guyana’s agriculture from the introduction and establishment of exotic plant pests whilst ensuring exported agricultural commodities conform to the Phytosanitary requirements of importing countries; enforcing the “Plant Protection Act;” and ensuring Guyana’s compliance with the International Phytosanitary Requirements for trade.

What are our objectives?

To facilitate trade and increase our competitiveness for trade on the world market as well as protect Guyana’s agriculture from the introduction of exotic pests and diseases.

What are our functions?

  • The enforcement of the plant protection act of 2011, chapter 68:03
  • Inspection of Agricultural commodities for import and export.
  • Issuing of phytosanitary certificates
  • Conducting surveys and surveillance for pests and diseases
  • Conducting farm /facility certification

How can this department help you?

  • Inspect Agricultural commodities: to ensure compliance with international phytosanitary requirementswhen exporting and importing.
  • Pest Risk Analysis: is conducted to ensure that agricultural and other regulated commodities entering the country do not pose threat to Guyana’s agriculture.
  • Provide pest list to potential importing countries: The NPPO has responsibility for providing, countries upon request a list of all pest and disease that are indigenous to Guyana and are of quarantine importance.This pest list provides information which is use by the importing country to conduct pest risk analysis to enable the entry of commodities into that country.

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